Prosper: meaning……to do well, to be well, to go well, to fare well

The Prosper Vision

Communities will prosper through the harnessing of local resources and the empowerment of local talent to achieve real and lasting change.

Prosper brings a new passion to Community Development within Surrey and a commitment to the inherent talent often lying unharnessed within Surrey’s most disadvantaged communities.

Whilst Surrey has traditionally held a reputation based on its more affluent residents and areas, there is increasing recognition of somewhat ‘hidden pockets of communities’ experiencing significant deprivation – each with their own specific needs and priorities.

Prosper provides a solution – one which works.

Expert multi-specialist community development co-ordinators achieve positive social and economic impact by working with the community to identify local need and opportunities. In this way Prosper harnesses local talent and local agendas to drive change, offering a positive, asset based approach which generates local investment resulting in excellent outcomes as well as value for money.

As an independent organisation, Prosper offers funders a unique opportunity to achieve long term community benefit. Prosper funding is sourced from philanthropy, charitable trusts, and the local authorities. This enables and ensures community success and sustainability.

Prosper Communities is a registered Community Interest Company No.9583175